Become our IIBA® Chapter Sponsor

Become a Chapter Sponsor

As a way to help launch new chapters, the IIBA®  has implemented a Premier Chapter Sponsorship program. One organization is selected annually by the Chapter Board of Directors as their Premier Sponsor. This sponsor provides funds and/or facilities for the chapter, such as space and refreshments for meetings, administration costs, etc. Each chapter signs an agreement with the Premier Sponsor defining the sponsorship fees and responsibilities of the sponsor and the chapter.

The sponsorship fee stays with the local chapter, helping them to provide information and networking opportunities to Business Analysts in the area. In return, the Premier Sponsor is listed on the chapter’s web page with the company logo.

As a Chapter Sponsor, your organization will have the following benefits:

  • Community visibility as the Chapter Sponsor
  • Exposure on the IIBA® website as the Chapter Sponsor
  • Recognition on marketing materials and newsletters provide by the Chapter
  • Recognition at the Chapter meetings

If you are interested in becoming a Chapter Sponsor, please contact your local chapter.

Chapter Patron

If you are not able to provide full sponsorship for a chapter, you may still help by being a Chapter Patron. Patrons provide individual contributions, either monetary or in-kind, to defray specific expenses, such as printing or advertising. In return, the Patron's company name and logo will be identified on such donations.

To become a Chapter Patron, contact your local chapter